About Us


That's what OGANIKHA is all about. Our mission is to help you unlock your inner beauty. Step by step, blow by blow. Happiness, well-being and positivity come from within, but are enhanced by your appearance.

I was tired of seeing my hair deteriorate so I suddenly decided to educate myself to take care of my hair, to know what kind of hair I have, what it really likes. I made it my mission to get my natural hair back and take care of it as an heirloom. I challenged myself to do a lot of research on everything I thought could help me, but specifically on the natural ingredients noted Haitian black beaver oil. After several tries, I finalized the recipe that would bring the benefits to my hair. Specifically, I needed to start this treatment because I cut my hair because it was damaged. Now, by taking care of my hair with this handmade indigenous oil and with 100% natural ingredients, after two years I had recovered my natural hair much more flexible, long, healthy, and much more voluminous than before plus I even recovered its natural color.

Together we can make the world irresistible, one oil stroke at a time!